Sharing Stories of Life + Faith + Family

Sharing stories of life + faith + family is my way of encouraging others. It’s in the beautiful and difficult of life that these stories are forged.

Hi, this is Karlene. From a young age, I’ve been a ponder-er, wishful thinker, and dreamer. In this space, I strive to connect my pondering with God’s Word and His love for us.

For over a decade, I blogged using the conventional (old-school) method of running a multipage website. Recently, I made the decision to scale back from website management, and focus my time on writing the stories God gives me.

You'll now find me over on Substack at The Blog is there, including many posts that first appeared on If you are not already subscribed, I'd love to have you join the community. Hope to see you there!

Why I moved The Blog to Substack: Writing on a non-traditional platform like Substack provides the liberty to write from a place of truth, sharing encouragement and the hope of Jesus. The internet and social media are unreliable. Due to the nature of my writing, posts are susceptible to algorithm infringement, and potential take-down of accounts. You can also find me on» Instagram and Pinterest

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